Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Call for contributions - Task force: GYBN & Global Youth Biodiversity Outlook 4

During the WGRI5/SBSTTA18 meetings in Montreal last month, GYBN had a very active and successful participation. We were able to speak on behalf of future generations reminding delegates of how there decisions will affect us in the near and not so near future!

One important outcome from GYBN's work during this meeting is the recognition by the parties about the importance of youth in communicating and mainstreaming GBO4 (Global Biodiversity Outlook 4 - http://www.cbd.int/en/gbo4) findings ultimately contributing to the achievement of AICHI targets. 

During the meeting, GYBN delegates had a series of meetings with the CBD secretariat, parties and DIVERSITAS (the organization in charge of coordinating the development of GBO4) to discuss possible youth initiatives to support the mainstreaming of GBO4 findings.

We decided that creating a GYBN/GBO4 task force would be the best way to organize ourselves and show our potential as communicators!

So if you are interested in communicating GBO4 through cool and innovative ways, join our task force!!! If you have any questions please just contact below.

GYBN GBO4 Taskforce
Moderator: Melina Sakiyama - melina.sakiyama@gmail.com

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