Friday, June 27, 2014

Youth at the SBSTTA-18 meeting in Montreal

Yesterday delegates at the SBSTTA-18 meeting in Montreal discussed about a number of climate related agenda items such as Geoengineering, Biodiversity Safeguards in REDDplus and the integration of Biodiversity into climate policies. GYBN urged parties to reaffirm the existing de-facto moratorium on Geoengineering, to develop joint work programmes between conventions on cross cutting issues and to give greater attention to non-carbon benefits and non-market based approaches in REDDplus. 

Here’s the video of Christian delivering the GYBN statement on this very important issue.

“Combating climate change and preventing the loss of Biodiversity are one of the greatest challenges for mankind in the 21st century. Neither can be solved without addressing the other. The key to tackling both Biodiversity and climate change is policy coherency. We therefore strongly urge parties to take effective measures to integrate the protection of Biodiversity into climate change policies and vice versa.
[…] Young people and future generations will have to bear the costs of climate change and live in a world deprived by much of its biological diversity. We are here to take up our responsibility. We are here to live up to the challenge and become part of the solution.”

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