Sunday, June 29, 2014

GYBN statement during the closing plenary of SBSTTA-18

We did it!!!
Two very, very busy weeks of negotiations under WGRI and SBSTTA came to an end!!! Yesterday Melina (Brazil) delivered our eight and final GYBN statement during the closing plenary of SBSTTA-18 and we received a lot of applause and positive feedback from delegates. Unfortunately we don’t have a video of Melina’s intervention, but you can read the full text here:

Thank you Mr. Chair,

The Global Youth Biodiversity Network would like to take this opportunity to reiterate our commitment with our future and the future of those yet to come. We want to be part of the solution and support parties in their duty to implement the Convention, aiming to reach the Aichi targets through theirs NBSAPs, now with the additional guidance of GBO4.

Therefore, we would like to thank the secretariat, organizations and parties, with special mention to Norway for recognizing the value that young people can add to outreach and communication activities to mainstream the GBO4 findings. And also thank Japan, Germany, Sweden, Canada and other parties that echoed Norway. 

We are grateful for depositing some trust in our potential, and we do understand that trust is built step by step. Now is our turn to honor our commitment and prove our potential with concrete actions and results. 

The Global Youth Biodiversity Network will actively communicate GBO4 findings among our networks, informing and engaging youth worldwide through innovative and interactive channels.

This was a great first step to build a trust relationship, and we cherish that. However, it is a fact that Youth, Women and indigenous and local communities are still marginalized from decision making process and therefore, we strongly remind parties to focus more efforts and mobilize resources for the full and effective participation of youth,women, indigenous people and local communities from all geo-cultural regions in international negotiations such as the present one. 

We will go back now and work on our homework, committed to present concrete activities at our next meeting in South Korea. We hope you will do your as well!

Thank you very much Mr. Chair

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