Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Environmental Investigation Agency – 30 game-changing years of exposing environmental crime and exploitation

The London-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) is a campaigning organisation like no other, and on September 17, 2014 it marks 30 years of working on the front lines to expose environmental crime and exploitation.
It began with three young activists seeking to make a difference and has grown into unique, manoeuvrable and hugely effective organisation, driving changes in international law and putting the concept of organised transnational environmental crime onto political agendas around the world.
Carving out a solid reputation for investigations and campaigns, EIA works on a wide range of environmental crimes including illegal wildlife trade (tigers, elephants and cetaceans), illegal logging, hazardous waste and trade in climate- and ozone-altering chemicals.
EIA differs from other NGOs in its strong focus on environmental criminality, dispatching investigators to work undercover with hidden cameras, false-front companies and assumed identities, often in harrowing and potentially dangerous circumstances.
Its findings are shared with appropriate enforcement authorities for action, and used to highlight issues and bring pressure to bear on them.

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