Tuesday, September 16, 2014

COP12 and GYBN

In preparation of COP12 we have launched a*dedicated information portal at gybn.org* that will hopefully help you to prepare for your participation!

A *summary of the agenda of COP12* is available here:

 *Introductory Materials *for COP first-timers, *Links to official CBD documents *
 *AND a large compilation of background documents* on all COP12-agenda items can be found here:

 For information about*visa issues* go to (including contact details of the Korean visa focal point!):
 /(If you should experience any difficulties receiving a visa for South Korea, please contact the GYBN Focal Points as well as the coordinator of the CBD Alliance!) /

 To find information about *logistical aspects,* e.g. *accommodation* and the schedule of the*shuttle bus* from Seoul to Pyeongchang  go to:

 *If you already have funding (!)* for your participation in COP12, *please register here *so that we can coordinate:

 GYBN will also be hosting a Youth Capacity-Building and Preparatory Meeting on the weekend before the COP. The date and time will be confirmed soon so stay tuned!

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