Thursday, August 14, 2014


The GYBN steering committee is very pleased to announce our new website  You may have seen it as we were building it over the last few months, but it is finally done, so go and check it out!
Some interesting features:
CBD COP-12 section - find information about the event, background documents, visa information and let us know that you’re planning to attend.  
International Youth Work section – send us a photo and information about youth biodiversity work you’re doing, and we’ll feature it on the website!  You can also use this section to network with other young people in your region of the world.
Thematic database – a database of information about issues being discussed in the CBD process. 
You can also find information about the steering committee, history of GYBN, see our past participation in CBD processes, and more! – GYBN’s new official website!
~GYBN Steering Committee

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