Sunday, February 24, 2013

Coca-Cola has lost its business and moral sense!

Coca-Cola, the world’s largest beverage company, is suing to crush the world’s best recycling program.

When a state government in Australia considered creating a 10-cent refund on recycling plastic bottles, Coca-Cola poured money into a misleading campaign to oppose the plan. Then, when common sense won out and the plan passed, Coke sued the government to stop the program.

Coca-Cola runs similar campaigns all over the world. We can only convince Coke to back off from its ridiculous anti-environmental lobbying by raising a global outcry every time it tries to quietly fight recycling programs at the national or local level.

Tell Coca-Cola to drop this dangerous lawsuit and stop trying to block recycling programs.

When plastics aren’t recycled, they often end up in the ocean, where they devastate marine wildlife. Seabirds mistake pieces of colored plastic bottles for food and feed them to their chicks, who can no longer ingest food. Baby seabirds are literally starving to death with full stomachs.

Coca-Cola sells nearly 2 billion bottles every day, and if these bottles aren't recycled, that's a totally unsustainable level of pollution -- there are already Texas-sized islands of unrecycled plastics Pacific. If Coke wants to get serious about sustainability, it needs to start supporting recycling programs, not suing to stop them.

Click here to speak out against Coke’s reckless anti-recycling lawsuit.

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