Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Image: NJ Wight for the Fauna Foundation
Fauna- a Chimpanzee Sanctuary
Excellence in Animal Welfare
Nominated by St-Laurent Academy

In 1990, Dr. Richard Allan and Gloria Grow purchased a 100 acre farm in the Monteregie region of Quebec, about 20 minutes from Montreal.  In 1997, the property became the not-for-profit Fauna Foundation – whose primary objective was to create a protected environment for neglected, abandoned or abused farmed and domestic animals and animals from entertainment, education and research. Their primary focus is providing for chimpanzees rescued from research. Fauna is the first sanctuary to accept HIV infected chimpanzees from a laboratory.

All of the Fauna residents now enjoy the freedom to be themselves  -- as much as captivity allows --- and are no longer obligated to work, provide food, entertain, act as human companions, or be tools to teach or do research.   

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