Monday, November 12, 2012

Sir David Attenborough at Durrell

Sir David Attenborough visited Durrell to film their delightful black lion tamarins - miniature monkeys that are so affected by habitat loss in their native Brazil, they were once thought to be extinct. The filming was for part of Sir David's newest series titled Attenborough's Ark, which is due to be televised in November this year.

Durrell has been active in the conservation of many tamarin species, but the diminutive black lion tamarin is something of a 'flagship species'' of an Atlantic Rainforest restoration programme that Durrell and partners IPE-Institute for Ecological Research have been working hard on for over a decade. Durrell was the first organization to captive-breed black lion tamarins outside of Brazil, and have released captive bred individuals back into restored areas of rainforest to hopefully increase genetic diversity, and secure hope that the species will have a future in the wild.

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Images from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

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