Saturday, April 14, 2012

About We Canada:

"We Canada is a nation-wide initiative for Canadian leadership in sustainable development at the Earth Summit 2012. Our goal is to represent the Canadians that otherwise wouldn't have been represented. We aim to bring a diversity of Canadian voices to the Earth Summit 2012 and to the Government of Canada’s attention.

The initiative aims to influence Canadian political actors to adopt progressive policies on sustainable development. The three policy proposals put forward by We Canada are: Measuring What Matters, Getting the Prices Right and Making Trade Fair. We Canada is about talking, about sharing, about creating a community of engaged citizens around common ideas and concerns for our future. We  Canada is about telling our leaders that they must take a stand for sustainability because this is our priority.

We want your voice to be heard when Canada speaks up for you at the Earth Summit 2012. Whether you see sustainable development as a health issue, an environmental issue, a social issue, an equality issue, a political issue, or a global issue - you’re right! Together, WE CAN address all of these challenges and make our voices heard at this globally important event."
Earth Summit Dialogues:

"The Earth Summit Dialogues, is an initiative to encourage Canadians to take action for Canadian leadership at the Earth Summit 2012. Through the dialogues Canadians will have an opportunity to engage in discussions related to sustainability at the local level. These discussions will involve friends, family, students and/or colleagues and will focus on We Canada’s three major policy proposals for the Earth Summit 2012. The results from these dialogues will then be presented at the conference in Rio de Janeiro during the We Canada event. The Earth summit Dialogues will be hosted in Canadian homes from April 15 – May 15, 2012.

The three policy recommendations that are the topic of discussion of the Earth Summit Dialogues are: Measuring What Matters, that aims to establish an efficient method to measure human welfare, Getting the Prices Right that targets the Canadian government to eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and place an economy-wide price on carbon and Making Trade Fair, that addresses Canada’s economic activity on a global scale and focuses on ways to ensure that Canadian trade advances the social, environmental and economic wellbeing of other people and places around the world."


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