Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Images From Peru

Peruvian Landscapes

The Nazcan Desert 

A view of an ancient wall and Lake Titicaca

On the wonderful road of adventure 

Shots of beautiful and rare vicunas 

A herd of alpacas 

Wonderful Cacti

A flower adorning the prickly limbs 
The red parts of this cactus are called tunas a Peruvian fruit

Here are some tunas in a marketplace I had the chance to try some it is very delicious

A hummingbird that landed I snapped the shot just before it flew away / below the dark area behind the hummingbird is the Colca Canyon the second deepest canyon in the world 

Two Condors Perched on a rock 

A condor showing off its amazing wingspan in flight

Puna Teal 

Andean coot 

Salt mines 

In several Peruvian ruins there are running aqueducts 

A hummingbird stopping for nectar 

 Machu Picchu!
A breathtaking sight 

Some of the homes at Machu Picchu 

The Sun Temple the most important building to the Incas

The rock is a map of Huayna Picchu the mountain behind

A picture frame for a wonderful sight 

A lizard among the ancient walls

A view from higher up 

A viscacha on one of the ruins/a cousin of the chinchilla

Mr. Panamá

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