Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Jeremy Mallinson, Durrell’s Director Emeritus, receives prestigious award (UK)

Jeremy Mallinson, who was Gerald Durrell’s right-hand man from the early days of the Jersey Zoo (now Durrell Wildlife Park), has won the prestigious “Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Zoo Community” from the Zoological Society of London.

At the awards ceremony in London on 16th June 2012, ZSL's Secretary, Professor Geoff Boxshall, explained why the award had been made. "Jeremy’s contributions to the zoo community are immense in both scope and influence. Jeremy has been a pioneer of coordinated captive-breeding programmes in zoos, helping to establish a framework for cooperation that is now standard practice internationally. He has been directly involved in the conservation of lion tamarins for over 20 years, linking the zoo community with in situ conservation work in Brazil.

“In addition, Jeremy has an ambassadorial role in promoting zoos and conservation worldwide, and has held a number of influential positions within the zoo community, government and NGOs …… Jeremy has made a significant impact by being influential on the many changes that have taken place in zoological collections over the last fifty years, ensuring that they are fit to meet the challenges of nature, both today and in the future”.

Previous winners of the award are Leobert De Boer (2010) of Apenheul Primate Park in the Netherlands and William Conway (2011) of the Wildlife Conservation Society in New York.

Image by the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

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