Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Indian NGO Forum will have a meeting on the 1st of July in Delhi

The Indian NGO Forum will have a meeting on the 1st of July from 3-7 p.m at the WWF Auditorium in Delhi to discuss preparations for COP11 and MOP6. They have also requested for members of the CBD Alliance to join, so that together we can start shaping and planning together for the upcoming COP-MOP in Hyderabad this oct.
While the broad agenda is COP-MOP Preps, some of the points that could be discussed are

- key substantive issues that INFC, CBD Alliance and other CSOs want to take forward
- possible joint activities - actions, events, etc.
- sharing a calendar of side events...who is doing what, when
- Hyderabad practicalities and logistics
- misc. any other items the group wants to add
Since some of you would be in Delhi for the ICNP2, I would request that if you are available then please to attend the meeting. This could also be open to other CBD Alliance Indian NGO members who are based in Delhi (or around) and would like to attend. If your attendance is indeed possible then kindly let me ( If you are unable to attend but think that certain substantive points need to be discussed then do also highlight them. This has to be soon, so it is request to respond

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