Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Voted by students from local public, Catholic and private schools:
1. Governmental Support Award: Elizabeth May
Elizabeth Evans May OC MP is an American-born Canadian environmentalist, writer, activist, lawyer, and politician currently serving as leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich—Gulf Islands.

2. Community Action Group -Local NGO: LEAF (Local Eco-action Families)
LEAF was formed in the winter of 2008 by a group of concerned residents of Lindenlea, Rockcliffe Park and New Edinburgh who wanted to think globally and act locally on environmental issues.

3. Notre Dame Youth Award- Michaela Clairmont
Michaela Clairmont is passionate about the environment.  Blessed with abundance appreciation for nature, combined with a strong willingness to learn and to share, Michaela has consistently demonstrated a serious commitment to her studies and the environment.  Michaela was a dedicated camper in both Outdoor Education and in Environmental Science.  On both these excursions, Michaela showed leadership and managed to engage many of her classmates as she led various experiences with both a fitness and stewardship perspective. 

4. Local Youth Award for Biodiversity and Conservation- Jessica Walsh Moreau
Winner of the Ottawa Leading Girls Building Community Award, Jessica has been involved in the Macoun Marsh Biodiversity Project since its beginning.  She was also a leader in the 2009 International Youth Symposium for Biodiversity and in the formation of the International Youth Accord for Biodiversity that she co-presented in Nagoya, Japan for COP10.     

5. The St-Laurent Academy Biodiversity Award- Allan Leveille, Evan Mulcahy (St-Laurent Academy Youth and Biodiversity Mentors)  
Allan and Evan represent some of the youngest of our original Biodiversity Youth Mentors.  They are very enthusiastic and proud to assist for tours at our local Macoun Marsh. 

6. The International Biodiversity Award- Geoff Green, Founder, Executive Director & Expedition Leader of Students on Ice Expeditions
Canadian adventurer, environmentalist and educator Geoff Green has been leading expeditions and adventures from pole to pole for the past twenty years. Many notable organizations such as the Discovery Channel, World Wildlife Fund, National Audubon Society and the Smithsonian Institution enlist Geoff to lead their groups into the world's most remote and interesting regions.

7. International Youth Award for Biodiversity and Conservation- Lemuel Mena Vega (Mexico)
Lemuel Manases Mena Vega is a native of Cozumel and one of the founding members of the Park and Museum Foundation, which is dedicated to the conservation and maintenance of ecological parks and habitat in Cozumel. Lemuel has been most active in a project conserving and monitoring sea turtles and has presented at several international conferences, including the Second International Youth Forum in Canada in 2009. His long-term goal is to establish an environmental education business in Cozumel to get the native population active in conservation efforts.

8. International Youth Award for Biodiversity and Conservation- Christian Schwarzer (Germany)
Christian Schwarzer is a young German law student and a founder and member of the first Global Youth Biodiversity Network (GYBN)’ Steering Committee. The Global Youth Biodiversity Network provides a unique global platform where youth organizations and individuals can get in touch with each other and join forces for the protection of biodiversity.  He has been to 21 rounds of UN-negotiations.  Among them 6 COP meetings (2 UNFCCC and 4 CBD) as well as 15 subsidiary body and ad-hoc working group meetings of the UNFCCC and the CBD.   

9. Devonshire Public Youth Award- Grade 6 students and KIVA
When a grade 6 Devonshire student came forward with an inspiring idea about how their school could support local farmers while raising money to help people help themselves, grade 3 - 6 students from the school stepped forward to help out. KIVA is a micro-financing bank that works in developing countries around the world helping hard-working people receive loans to help them become self-sustaining. When loans are repaid , the money can be loaned again to help others. We are now in the process of purchasing grain from a local farmer so we can have a pancake lunch at our school to raise money. The money raised will become a school legacy fund that will allow future generations of Devonshire students to work locally and make a significant difference in the lives of farmers, entrepreneurs, students and farmers around the world.  

10. The Ottawa Biodiversity Education Award- Laura Leet and the SEED Educators
Creator of SEED Educators that helps teachers to see environmental education differently. We are located in Ottawa and hold monthly networking sessions for teachers. There is also a website that allows teachers to access environmental educational resources for their classrooms.

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