Friday, November 14, 2014


THE 26th Meeting of the Parties (MoP26) to the Montreal Protocol will convene in Paris from Monday, November 17, 2014.
Climate policy is currently at the top of the global political agenda, with the meeting taking place just days after the landmark agreement between China and the US on curbing greenhouse gas emissions and ahead of December’s United Nations climate conference in Lima.
The Environmental Investigation Agency anticipates two key issues will dominate the week-long talks:
          • the level of contributions from developed countries to the Montreal Protocol’s financial mechanism (the Multilateral Fund, or MLF) to assist developing nations to meet their obligations to phase out ozone depleting substances;
• discussions on a global agreement to eliminate hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), highly potent greenhouse gases commonly used in refrigeration and air conditioning. Several initiatives to control HFCs will be on the table, including a new paper from the European Union.
EIA has released the report New Trends in ODS Smuggling to focus Parties’ attention on the growing illegal trade.
In addition, EIA will be hosting the side event Closing the Door on HFCs: New Opportunities for Cool Technology Growth from 13:00 to 15:00 on Monday November 17 in Room III of the UNESCO Building.
The event will cover information from EIA’s latest Chilling Facts report on HFC-free supermarket refrigeration, with new topics including action in South Africa and recent technology breakthroughs. Global retailer Carrefour will be a guest speaker and EIA will launch Cool Technologies: a guide to working without HFCs, a joint EIA/Greenpeace online searchable database.

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