Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Canadian Earth Summit Coalition

The Canadian Earth Summit Coalition is a self-organized, independent, and informal civil society network of non-governmental, non-profit academic and research organizations and ethical business networks.

The Coalition’s primary goal is to coordinate civil society movement in a push for Canadian leadership at the Earth Summit 2012. This will be achieved by a parallel policy consultation process with both coalition partners and the Canadian public, and communicated through widespread engagement and education campaigns. The ongoing results of policy recommendations and key thematic messaging will be disseminated through events, champion messages, and social and traditional media.

The We Canada initiative focuses on engaging Canadians in discussions on sustainable development and provides a forum for educating the public and developing policy recommendations. We work to amplify the sustainability  movement by building on the strong foundations already created by Canadian organizations such as yours, and by engaging voices of all Canadians – even those who are not traditionally included in these conversations.

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