Friday, July 29, 2011

Herpetology Workshop @ Rom Whitaker’s [12 to 15 Aug 2011] India

“How can I become a herpetologist?” is one of the most common questions floating around in the minds of enthusiasts, interested in reptiles and amphibians. India, with its herpeto-faunal diversity and abundance, provides great potential for individuals to follow this avenue. But, where does one start? A practical exposure to the field of herpetology is most essential, especially for folks who are looking at it as a possible career option.

The Gerry Martin Project (TGMP), with Romulus Whitaker, is providing an opportunity of a lifetime. TGMP believes in conservation through educating and inspiring people about the environment and wildlife. In collaboration with Rom, TGMP is conducting a herpetology workshop this August.

To register or to know more please get in touch with Soham on +91- 9972068900 /

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