Thursday, March 17, 2011

Releasing Galapagos Hawks

The Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust together with the Galapagos National Park and other partners, released twenty Galapagos Hawks on February 17th and 18th back to the islands where they were captured. The planning process for a recent operation to remove invasive, non-native rodents to protect native species identified that Galapagos Hawks would be at risk during the operation. To mitigate this risk, the restoration project partners captured the hawks from Rábida, Bartolomé and Bainbridge islands prior to the start of the rodent eradication in early January. All the hawks were captured without incident and taken to temporary aviaries on a nearby island, where they were maintained in excellent health throughout the six-week holding period, putting on an average of 100 grams each by the release date. Prior to release, each hawk was fitted with a back-pack style telemetry transmitter that will allow it to be tracked and monitored for over a year. No hawk mortalities occurred during the entire operation.
Image above from the Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

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