Monday, July 8, 2013

Brazil confirms Amazon deforestation increase

Data released by the Brazilian government Friday confirms an increase in Amazon forest loss. Brazil's National Space Research Institute, INPE, updated data from its near-real-time deforestation tracking system, known as DETER. The system showed a near five-fold increase in forest loss during May 2013 relative to a year earlier, from 99 square kilometers to 465 sq km. 59 percent of the clearing occurred in Mato Grosso, a state in the Southern Amazon where large-scale farms and cattle ranching drive most deforestation. Pará accounted for 29 percent of deforestation.

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Source:  Copyright 2013, Mongabay
Date:  July 6, 2013 Byline:  Rhett Butler

Image: Michael Leveille 

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