Thursday, February 16, 2012

We Canada

We Canada serves as a voice for Canadians who believe sustainable development should be a priority for their country and for the international community. We want the government of Canada to commit to creating a sustainable future and green economy, and to be a leader on the global stage at the upcoming United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Earth Summit 2012, Rio+20).

We Canada is an initiative of the Canadian Earth Summit Coalition, a self-organized, independent and informal civil society network of non-government, non-profit, academic and research organizations, international leaders in sustainability thinking, activists, cultural workers and individuals, working towards Canadian leadership at the Earth Summit 2012.The Coalition serves as a platform for sharing ideas and building strength for sustainability. We support a diversity of viewpoints and ideas. Partners maintain their independent programs, projects and political stances while promoting Canadian leadership at the Earth Summit 2012 and beyond. See our list of partners. Our not-for-profit group "bioidversitymatters" is an official partner of We Canada. 

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