Friday, April 1, 2011

Young Masters Programme in Preventative Environmental Strategies

This is a message to all environmentalists between the ages of 15 - 18 about a course offered from Lund University in Sweden. It is an on-line course and it is free. It is called the Young Master's Programme (YMP) and it takes about 18 months to complete.
CISV EcoGroup in Fredericton has been taking an online course in preventative environmental strategies. It consists of 4 parts. The first two parts consist of 18 study modules where you learn about our environment, its problems and what we can do about it. Part 3 is a community project that you develop among yourselves and Part 4 is a global youth conference where you can meet some of the other hundreds of youth from around the world who are also taking the course from their home towns. We are a group of 7 and we meet once a week to discuss the module and to enter our posting on the YMP website. We can also learn about the postings made by others from around the world. We can also communicate with those other people about their environmental issues.
This is the third group to take the course and it is really awesome.
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