Thursday, January 20, 2011

Purple gallinule-Porphyrio martinica

The Purple gallinule is a beautifully coloured wetland bird.
It can often be seen walking on floating vegetation.
Its legs are yellow and can swim on the surface of the water like a duck.
The juvenile is more of a tan colour.
Their habitats are in marshy areas with lots of floating vegetation.
They are omnivores. Their diet consists of : seeds, flowers, fruits, grains, and some invertebrates.
Their nests are floating ones, like a bowl of floating grass.
They are also ground foragers while foraging for food.
Both males and females are about the same size.
At about 14.6 - 14.2 in or  37 - 36 cm.
This particular gallinule's wingspan is 21.7 in or 55 cm.
The Purple gallinule's weight is 7.3 - 10.2 oz or 208 - 288 g
In spanish they would be called "Gallineta morada."
I have observed this bird at Gamboa Resort next to the Chagres River.

Mr. Panamá

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