Saturday, January 29, 2011

Biodiversity Matters Youth Board

On Saturday January 22nd, the well established Biodiversity Matters Youth Board had their very first meeting for 2011. It was held in Ottawa with 8 youth from around the Ottawa Region and we had two youth that skyped in for Mexico and Panama. The meeting discussion covered a number of different issues including possible activities for May 22nd  2011- Biodiversity day, activities for the year of youth, and the year of forestry! There was also talk about different issues we could contribute to in helping protect the environment during the winter, an example being the use of different salts on the roads and the effects on the environment. There was agreement to us all doing some more research and bringing it to our next meeting. We also discussed how to get more youth communicating on our blog- please spread the word! We want to hear from you! We are planning our next Biodiversity Youth Board Meeting on Saturday February 26th at ASLA. We would like to expand the group of youth, so if you are interested bring a friend, please contact myself or Michael Leveille. All are welcome! 

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