Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Panama Audubon Society

The Panama Audubon Society is fortunately located near my home here in Panama.
It is near the " Parque Natural Metropolitano" a conserved strip of land that is next to the city.
Although it is close to a highly polluted area it is quite isolated at the same time.
Its amazing ecosystem provides an excellent home to a diverse variety of birds.
From the heart of the rainforest to urban areas their well educated staff can always find birds.
The "Parque Natural Metropolitano" is a jewel in Panama,
for its great hiking trails where you can find a wide range of birds to other wildlife.
The Audubon has many projects currently running.
For example the : Raptors from Ocean to Ocean with the raptor migration I explained this in a previous post.
Also there's the Plan for Conservation of the Bay of Panama.
They will give information freely and easily about birds.
They have monthly meetings showing how beautiful birds can be and what is going on. 
Anybody can attend these meetings.
The Macoun Marsh, in Ottawa, is similar to The Park because it is so small, surrounded by city, and so diverse with biodiversity.
The link to the Panama Audubon Society is at the top under their logo visit and check it out.
They even have a main office nearby the park.
They try to help conserve what they have by the simple education of Panamanians, youth, and anyone else willing to learn.

Mr. Panamá


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