Monday, December 20, 2010

Get out and explore biodiversity with BioKits!

To mark the International Year of Biodiversity, the Biosphère, Environment Museum located in Montréal and managed by Environment Canada, has developed a series of BioKits.  These observation guides for wildlife, plant life and nature invite you to explore the country’s amazing natural wealth using your five senses. Whether in the city or out in the wild, each BioKit will lead you to new adventures!

A BioKit for every location
On the street, in alleyways, schoolyards or in a neighbourhood park, the Urban BioKit provides an opportunity to discover the unknown natural treasures hidden in Canadian cities.  Out in the woods or in other places far from the city, the Nature BioKit allows you to explore wild and diverse environments. During summer or winter, the Biokits ensure lots of fun with friends, family, and nature lovers!

For more information on the BioKits and to download them free of charge, go to the Environment Canada’s website at the following address:

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